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The problem with ‘designing for the average user’ is that many users are decidedly non-average.
Many sites exclude such users, usually by accident. Those users make up around a fifth of your potential audience.
(Source: W3C statistics)

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Reach more people

Up to 13% of all users don't use javascript. Over 2 million PDA-phones were sold this year. Accessible web sites reach more of your audience. Watch the search engine rankings improve and the hits go up when all those people behind company firewalls, and those with higher privacy settings, PDA/mobile web users, and people with impairments can access your site. Get a bigger slice of the market.

How to Comply with the Law

The Disability Discrimination Act is already in force. Web sites are specifically included. What does the law say? Who is being taken to court for excluding people with disabilities? Here you can find out how UK and European law relates to accessibility on the web. Find out your obligations.

Best Practice, The Law and Your Web Site

In an update to our popular piece on 'How to Comply with the Law', we consider the various codes of best practice applicable to your web site, and also how changes in the law may now affect you. Read more on best practice.

From our Accessibility Field Notes...

Build the Perfect Skip Link

Our senior accessibility consultant, Paul Ratcliffe, delves into the surprisingly dangerous world of skip links.

Articles Elsewhere

Observing Users Who Listen to Web Sites

by Janice Redish & Mary Frances Theofanos, Society for Technical Communication

Web Accessibility and the Disability Discrimination Act

by Martin Sloan, the Journal of Information, Law & Technology

Beyond Accessibility: Treating Users with Disabilities as People

by Jakob Nielsen,

Why Bobby Approved Is Not Enough

by Frank Gaine,

Accessibility: The Politics of Design

by Alan Herrell, aListApart

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