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Consultancy Services

Communis offer clients a range of consultancy services to help them make their web sites and intranets more accessible to staff and customers. Communis will not look for radical redesigns of the look and feel of a site. We concentrate instead on enabling you to improve the underlying structure of your site so that users with special requirements are no longer excluded. We believe that almost any design can be recreated accessibly - although we may recommend some changes that will improve accessibility and usability for all users.

Accessibility Evaluation and Report

Our accessibility evaluation and report has been described by one local government employee as “the best report we have ever had on anything”. The report is designed to enable your web team to immediately begin work on bringing your site up to standard.

Your site will be checked for compliance with the full list of W3C WCAG checkpoints, plus a whole host of other practical aspects of website accessibility gleaned from our experience in the field (e.g. ease of keyboard navigation, etc.). We can also optionally include checks against UK governmental recommendations and best practice advice from the RNIB, Dyslexia researchers, and the British Bankers Association.

Once we have carried out the evaluation, we will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing any issues discovered and recommended best practice solutions, with code examples from the site provided where necessary.

Analytics Consultancy

Most companies have a web analytics package installed, but are you using the data it collects to good effect? Regardless of the analytics software you use, Communis can show you how to interpret the data you are collecting and will work with you to use that information to drive, effect and measure improvement in your online services.

Usability Testing with Disabled Users

Communis offer formal usability testing of sites using disabled users, as recommended by PAS78, and the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. Involving disabled users in the development process of your web sites will also help meet your Disability Equality Duty (DED). Broadening evaluation to involve people with disabilities helps better understand accessibility issues and implement more effective accessibility solutions.

  • Testers are recruited to match your user base
  • Testers will use either screen magnifiers, screen readers, or be sighted keyboard-only users.
  • Testing is carried out at formal usability testing facilities in Chippenham or London
  • Testing is recorded via filming of tester reactions, screen activity recording, audio recording and keyboard logging
  • We encourage clients to attend the testing process, viewing from behind a one way mirror
  • A comprehensive report is delivered, complemented and illustrated by a multimedia presentation of user testing behaviour, with recommendations for improvements

Site Template Rewrites

Communis can provide accessible rebuilds of existing site templates. Alternatively, a design provided by your graphic designers can be made into an accessible html template to be passed to your implementation team. We also produce accessible Macromedia Flash animations and interactive scripts and applications.

Ongoing Accessibility Audits

Once you have made your site accessible, with all the benefits that brings, you'll want to make sure that it stays that way. With the best will in the world, web sites change over time, often compromising accessibility. We offer a low-cost regular audit to keep your site in trim.

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