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Accessibility Training

“The accessibility training was extremely useful. [We] learned a huge amount about using cascading stylesheets with HTML, which seems to be one of the main keys to separating web content from presentation and hence building an accessible, platform-independent and future-proof site. It really helped that the training focused on Xpert HR.”
Diane Lewis, Reed Business Information/Xpert HR

Communis web accessibility training courses are tailored to the client. We use your own web site to provide examples for the course, and focus on the results you need from the training. Course notes are provided as standard and follow-on support is available via email or telephone.

We can introduce you to web accessibility techniques in all their gory detail, demonstrate some of the best assistive technology that disabled users will be using, and take you 'beyond Bobby' into the latest debates and arguments about the best way forward in accessible design.

Two example course curricula are set out below.

Web Accessibility for all: general course

A cross-disciplinary Accessibility Seminar for marketing, business, technical and public-relations staff, often run following an accessibility evaluation and report. Covers the costs and benefits of accessibility, the legislative background and the ways in which people use the web. Participants will get the chance to use their own site using common assistive technologies such as screen readers and keyboard-access, before rounding off with a discussion on managing the delivery of an accessible website. This training course is appropriate for anyone involved in site design, production, marketing, copywriting or web site management.

  • What is web accessibility?
  • Understanding your objectives
  • Demonstration of your web site
  • 'The stick': UK legislation, standards and guidelines
  • 'The carrot': what are you missing out on?
  • Accessibility for users with disabilities
  • Practical session: using the web without a mouse
  • Accessibility for Google and other search engines
  • Practical session: using a screenreader
  • Overview of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Workshop session: writing your own guidelines
  • Debrief

Web Accessibility: accelerated technical course

Already a web developer but need to get up to speed with accessibility techniques? This one-day coding session covers design philosophy, the latest tools, tips and tricks, and gives you the chance to get up to your elbows in CSS and the DOM in a quest for the perfect accessible template. This training course is appropriate for anyone involved in the technical aspects of site design, and is designed to either follow on from 'introduction to web accessibility' or to be taken as a standalone course.

  • Design philosophy. Where are we going? How should we travel?
    • Principle one: content, meaning and structure
    • Principle two: style and flow
    • Principle three: interaction, scripts and the DOM
  • Write once, display many - cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-medium
  • WCAG for developers - a point by point fly-through of the more misunderstood WCAG checkpoints.
  • Option A: Making Flash content accessible - tips, tricks and unbreakable rules.
  • Option B: Making application interfaces accessible - the mysteries of the UAAG1.0.
  • Option C: Common interface elements and how to implement them properly:
    • Pop-ups;
    • Skip links;
    • Cookies;
    • Dynamic menus;
    • Dynamic select boxes.
  • Workshop session: writing your own development guidelines
  • Tools of the trade - online and offline, comparisons and criticisms
  • Practical session: making your web pages accessible - time to get your hands dirty!
  • Debrief

Options A, B and C - these can be provided to best suit the technology needs of your site. Other options might include 'PDF production', 'Your CMS', etc. Please contact us to discuss it. With larger classes, we can offer more than one option on the day.

  • 1-6 participants: 1 option
  • 7-12 participants: 2 options
  • 13-18 participants: 3 options

Pricing is dependent on venue, number of attendees, and level of tailoring of content required. Typical costs are between £160 and £200 per participant. Please telephone (01373 836 476) or email us to discuss your requirements and arrange for a quote.

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